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Computer Aided Design (CAD) for Jewelry

We create customized jewelry designed exactly the way you have envisioned it

We use top of the line CAD software to create custom jewelry that matches the exact details of what you want! Our models will replicate your desired design down to the smallest detail. Send us an image of your jewelry design or describe it in detail, and we'll have a 3D jewelry model ready for you in no time.

Don't have a design? No problem! Just state the desired jewelry and design of what you want, and we will send you various CAD jewelry designs until you find the model that satisfies you.

All custom jewelry pieces are priced differently depending on the design, so we can give you an accurate quote once you've chosen the proper model.

If you have any questions on any steps of our CAD/CAM process feel free to contact us!

Design Your Jewelry!

Can't figure out a design you want?

We have a vast collection of rings that you can see below for you to mimic or brainstorm from.